Order Management, Communication and Visualisation with TransIT Web&MobileTransIT-Web

Would you like to offer your clients, mobile or external staff the possibility to enter, view or edit orders or to show them selected planning results? Then you'll need TransIT Web&Mobile!

This additional TransIT module is completely web-based. The user logs in from his browser and connects to the TransIT database. Typical application areas are:

  • Order Management: Enter, edit, confirm or cancel orders
  • View order planning data: Arrival times, status, durations, volumes, ... as lists or in a map
  • View route data: View routes as lists or in a map
  • Connect with service providers: release orders or routes, by e-mail, SMS or fax

As all TransIT applications are synchronised via the TransIT database, all changes are immediately visible. For example, if a client enters a new order, the planner or dispatcher will see this order immediately in his list of open orders. Additional manual actions are not required.